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I'm soooooooo mad right now !

2010-03-06 09:58:04 by MercuryBD

Today my hard drive broke (high voltage shock :) ), so I lost most of my files that I was working on :( . I'm so sad because I was working on some pretty nice designs and animation ...

Luckily i posted some art here and there on net so I can recover some of the artwork ... :)

PS. For now I'll use only external drive :(


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2010-03-06 10:47:23

Sorry to hear that man. Sucks to lose work you were attached to eh?
But yeah, least ya can get some of it back.

MercuryBD responds:

Yea ... At least that TrueMisfit :(


2010-03-20 20:54:42

thats sad.


2010-04-06 13:51:13

Oh,man it sucks hard to lose your work.........:(Hope you can fix it:)


2010-08-17 20:01:51

Next time get a counter-uav!


2011-08-19 02:27:15

Bas steta ali ove ostale slike su ti strava